Uthando Project


It costs around $2 for each doll to travel from Australia to a child in KwaZulu Natal, so every year, some of our fundraising goes to freight costs. There are ways that dollmakers can help with this:

  • Fundraise for your dolls: Have a morning tea or other mini-fundraising event to raise your dolls’ travel funds.

  • Post your own dolls: Post your dolls directly to KZN. A large bag of dolls will cost approximately $125 AUD. Some independent Uthando groups are sending their suitable dolls to a chosen NGO in KZN. Dollmakers in countries other than Australia will need to fund their own postage. See Contact Us for instructions and address.

  • Become a Doll Freight Partner. Individuals, groups or organisations could consider sponsoring the freight costs for an NGO (non-government organisation). You choose one of our partner NGOs and pay for dispatch of two bags of dolls each year ($250 AUD pa). Email info@nulluthandoproject.org if you would like to become a Doll Freight Partner.

Uthando Project