Uthando Project


Why not consider an Uthando event, to promote doll making, raise awareness and/or raise some funds?

  • A morning tea to celebrate the dolls you’ve made: Play Zulu music, display your dolls in a lovely setting, and maybe charge a small fee or ask for donations to sponsor your dolls’ voyage to South Africa. 
  • A knitting bee, or dollmaking experience:  Keep in mind that people new to the project may take a lot of time to make a doll (so making a baby doll is a great introduction for a ‘morning only’ session). Talk to us! 
  • A library or other community display: See if your local library or council features community groups like yours. They might like to link your display to an event like World AIDS Day, or to a particular theme or a holiday activity. Some libraries will keep baskets for donations of wool, and display a poster.

  • A stall at a community fair or market: Raise awareness and raise funds. You might make special dolls for sale, sell our fundraising items as well as suggesting people sponsor a doll (writing a message to go with the doll). We have flyers you can download to help with any events. Talk to us if you’d like more ideas.

  • A Uthando presentation to your organisation, school, college, library etc: Invite Uthando Project to give a presentation and consider training to become a presenter.

  • Larger, longer events: We have experience in running dollmaking workshops over a weekend or several weeks, and can suggest how you, work colleagues, your community or local government might go about it. Several times each year Uthando holds major fundraising events which could be an exhibition in an art gallery, a garden party in a private home or participation in community and state festivals. Put your hand up to join in.

Uthando Project