To help new dollmakers get started, we can provide a complete doll making kit, containing all the things you need to make a doll (except for the filling).

We sell these kits at low cost, or groups can make up their own kits. For sustainability, we like to use donated (but new and clean) fabrics, buttons and wool, except for the doll body material, which we have to purchase.

Our Uthando dollmaking kits contain:

  • The brown stretch knit doll’s body, cut out and ready to sew up
  • A unique selection of fabrics for making clothing
  • Fabric or wool for hair
  • Thread for making the face
  • Some lace, buttons, trim etc
  • The doll pattern and clothing pattern suggestions

For schools:

  • We try to include a pair of small scissors in each school pack
  • Order KITS through giving school order number. Add packing and postage costs.
  • Stuffing is provided free for schools in Western Australia if it can be picked up from Gooseberry Hill.