Uthando Project

Family Literacy Dolls

The dolls which best suit the work of the Family Literacy Project are ready for play by young and old in each of their “library” centres. Dolls can suit the very young, all preschoolers and families in general.

If you would like to make a doll family, or mother and baby, this would suit. Animals, puppets and balls too. Everything needs to be robust as these dolls stay in the libraries or boxes for home visits.

Traditional Zulu dresses, skirts or aprons may be made of a cotton fabric with a very fine dotted, geometrical pattern.


You might like to research traditional Zulu clothing, textiles, head scarves. Usually women wear a longish skirt and have their head covered with a triangle scarf or very long piece of fabric wrapped and pinned around their head in fashionable ways.

Now that Family Literacy Project also includes the Vukuzakhe Projects where families are not well off, dolls which suit individual girls and boys are also welcome.

Uthando Project