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Where does the money go?

The universal fundraising questions are; “What is the money for?” and “Where does the money go?”

See the pie chart below for a break-up of our costs, and keep reading for a more detailed description of these areas. Our annual income is approx. $50,000. This year, 2014, our goal is $70,000.

Pie chart

Our work with dlalanathi In KwaZulu-Natal.

Uthando Project is closely aligned with the work of dlalanathi. It’s important for us to know that our dolls are not simply lovely toys, but that they are used to support children’s emotional wellbeing, and to teach adults how to help children in grief and distress.

Uthando volunteers visited dlalanathi, saw the quality of this agency’s work first-hand, then continued the connection on an ongoing basis. As a result, in 2009 we decided to make a financial pledge of approx $27,000 AUD p.a, to allow them to employ, on their small staff, a Zulu speaking psychologist, whose work is invaluable in both urban and rural communities.  

Since 2009 we have fulfilled this annual pledge, which we have now increased to $50,000 AUD each year. This will support a new Training Unit, extending dlalanathi’s work with groups such as young parents who have lost their own parents.

To find out more about the work of dlalanathi, and the way in which they use their money, you might like to read their 2012 Annual Report and their CEO’s email “How is the Money Used”.

Uthando Funding Partner: As dlalanathi is our major priority in fund raising, we will be seeking investors who can provide donations of $500 – 5,000 to become a Uthando Funding Partner. Please research www.dlalanathi.org.za to gain insight into this small and highly effective organisation. There is also more about their work in About Us/Where do the dolls go?.

Meanwhile, we welcome donations of any amount for this leading organisation!

Freight and distribution.

Nearly all our Uthando dolls are shipped from Fremantle, Western Australia, to TREE (Training and Resources in Early Education) in Durban, KZN for redistribution to other organisations and for use in their own TREE network. We depend upon donations to cover the cost of three consignments per year, each sending 1500-2000 dolls at a total annual cost of $6000 AUD. Join freight partners to deliver the dolls to a specific KZN partner organisation of your choice.

Awareness-Raising Events and Workshops

We are extremely active in using dollmaking as a vehicle for individual creativity and a sense of belonging. We also use doll making for community education, to raise awareness of the importance of play for children’s emotional balance and to provide information about the lives of children in Africa in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

We have a lively calendar of Uthando events, workshops, presentations to other organisations and especially dollmaking in schools. Our costs here may include photography, poster, brochure, DVD, workshop programmes, website and internet costs. Other organisations, learning centres and local government community development services often apply grants to cover costs of dollmaking workshops and exhibitions. We are rigorous in designing fundraising events and products that reflect our concerns for children. 

Administration, marketing and doll production

The day to day running of this international organisation is generously covered by donations from various members, groups and through fundraising activities. We seek to be self sufficient, as a good model for trust, transparency and effective action. Administration costs are absolutely minimal, as we are a voluntary organisation. We use some funds for postage, stationery, computer and phone costs, accounting etc. Our honorary Treasurer maintains our accounts and external auditing.  

Uthando Project is responsible for the publishing and printing costs of our fundraising items, like books, posters, manuals, greeting cards and kits. However, all the time spent creating these items (especially doll kit making) is donated by volunteers. We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of people who donate suitable materials for the dollmaking kits. Uthando covers most of the cost of large rolls of brown fabric and some ingredients used in the kits.

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