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Awareness Resources

Looking for ‘bigger picture’ material, reports, and resources for research, or for materials you can use to promote Uthando?  We have started a collection here, and will add to it as time goes on.

Material for Uthando presentations and promotion

  • Display our KZN map to help doll makers understand where the dolls are going
  • Download an A4 sheet of Uthando FAQs (black and white) to print out and use at events
  • Download an Uthando 3-fold brochure (print on A4, fold to DL envelope size)
  • Our Uthando book, 100 Dolls, Countless Hearts, has many stories from dollmakers and gives the context from our five partner agencies in South Africa. The book is a huge resource for patterns; sewn, knitted, animals, puppets, clothing, balls and accessories. Buy through our SHOP.
  • For a wonderful insight into the work of dlalanathi, see their 2012 Annual Report or this report to the Soroptimists on the work of the Uthando Dolls.
  • The work of the dolls gives feedback from TREE, Family Literacy Project and Lifeline on the work of the dolls and the way children respond to them. 
  • Letter and Report from Uthando Director, Dr Julie Stone, after attending the 21st International Association for Child Psychiatrists and Allied Professionals (IACAPAP) conference in Durban in August 2014

Background to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its impact on children’s lives

Research about our understanding of children’s development and the importance of play

Uthando Project