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Classic Sewn Doll

It works best to make this doll’s body of stretch, knit brown fabric, stuffed to feel firm, but not hard. Click on the heading to see a picture showing the stages of making a doll. You can also look closely at the examples pictured in our Gallery to give you ideas. There are many more …

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Simple Doll Pattern

We have designed a new doll, called Simple Doll, which lends itself to a production line system … after Bertha Magoge, TREE director, commented that they see 40,000 children each year! Big thanks to Dolls and Daydreams for the inspiration for this adaptable pattern for boy and girl dolls. Simple Doll Pattern


Simple undies can be made from a rectangle of stretch fabric stitched along the side seam. Stitch a crotch to make leg holes. This example is of undies made from a spare sock.  

Photo of no-sew skirt

No-sew dolls’ clothes

The success of these no-sew patterns often depends on using knit fabric or fabric which doesn’t fray. This means no need for hems or facings. Click on the heading to view and download our No-sew dolls’ clothes patterns for a circular skirt, no-sew jacket, flip-over top, one-shoulder tie dress and vest with shoulder seams (a tiny amount …

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Alusa knitted doll

Alusa Knitted Doll

The Alusa Knitted Doll is mainly knitted in stocking stitch, but you may prefer to highlight knitted-in clothing with garter stitch. Clothes may be knitted separately or indicated with change of colour. Click on the heading to view and download our Alusa Knitted Doll pattern.

Sunbeam knitted doll

This Sunbeam knitted doll is a very quick and simple pattern, suiting beginners and children. It takes one ball of yarn (a little more if knitted in garter stitch). You can knit separate clothing, or use coloured wool to ‘knit in’ the clothing. These dolls are given to small children, so should not have beads or …

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Knitted Boy Doll

Knitted Boy Doll

The Uthando Project needs lots of boy dolls. This Knitted Boy Doll is approx. 33cms high. You’ll need brown wool for skin, black wool for hair, and bright colours for knitted-in undies or other clothing. Click on the heading to view and download our Knitted Boy Doll Pattern.  

Knitted monkey

Knitted Monkey

This knitted monkey pattern was devised by Uthando volunteer Anne Bell. You’ll need a single ball of 8 ply wool, in dark brown or monkey colour (or another fun colour), plus a small amount of lighter (contrast) for feet, hands, face and ears. Use 4 mm needles. We have been told that these monkeys are very much …

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Knitted Ball

Knitted Ball (one piece)

This Knitted Ball is made in one piece; the pattern makes a cross shape which becomes a ball when you sew the edges together and stuff firmly. You can be creative with different colours or textured wool. Click on the heading to view and download our Knitted Ball in One Piece pattern.

Knitted hand puppet

Knitted Hand Puppet

These puppets will be used especially by counsellors helping children, so think about this as you create the character of your puppet. The face might be sad or angry, not always happy. Click on the heading to view and download our Knitted Hand Puppet pattern.

Crocheted doll

  This cheerful crocheted doll has a very friendly face. You’ll need 8 ply yarn in brown for the skin, plus two contrasting colours. Made on a No 3.50 crochet hook, unless using different ply yarn. Click on the heading to view and download our Crocheted doll pattern.  

Crocheted lion

This charming crocheted lion is based on a crocheted ball, and can be made in many colour options. Click through to see some examples and to download the Crocheted Lion pattern.

Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags

It’s wonderful for a doll to have a shoulder bag filled with spare clothing, and we have a number of shoulder bag designs which you can experiment with. Click on the heading to view and download our Shoulder Bag Designs.

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