Uthando Project history

Uthando means “love” in the isiZulu language of the Zulu people in the province of KwaZulu Natal (KZN), South Africa. (It is pronounced ‘u-tan-do’.)

The Uthando Project began in 2004 and has grown consistently, so there are many source documents available for those wishing to delve more deeply into the project’s evolution:

  1. The story of our history is found in our Newsletters, issued approximately 3 times each year from 2007 on.
  2.  Articles from researchers, dollmakers, reports and media
  3. Statistics on Population and HIV/AIDS in KwaZulu Natal and South Africa
  4. 100-dolls-countless-hearts“100 DOLLS, COUNTLESS HEARTS” This 200 page book is a major resource contributing background, individual and group dollmaker’s stories, the context of each of our partner agencies in KwaZulu Natal and their use of Uthando dolls. It is designed to appeal to all ages and cultures. It engages our humanity and is highly practical too. It is rich in photographs and patterns. You can buy this book in our Shop.
Since our beginning as a small grassroots organisation, we have become an incorporated body and registered charity in Australia. We now run with the help of our Board and many other wonderful volunteers. Our Director is Dr Julie Stone, Infant, Child and Family Psychiatrist, and our Co-ordinator is Georgia Efford, creative artist. Read our Objects of Association 2012 
If you’d like to find out more about how we have grown, and what we have been doing, we have a short informal history: