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Retreat with KZN leaders

This is a gathering for dollmakers from around Australia to join with two inspiring KZN leaders, BERTHA MAGOGE, CEO Training and Resources in Early Education, TREE, Durban with network across KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. RACHEL ROZENTALS-THRESHER, CEO, dlalanathi, centred in Pietermaritzburg, working in communities Programme will include: Designing specific dolls Training for presenters Learning about Read More »

KZN Leaders’ workshops in May

CEOs from two of our partners in KwaZulu Natal will be in Perth for two weeks, May 16-30. Register your interest in a host of activities facilitated by Rachel Rozentals-Thresher (dlalanathi) and Bertha Magoge (TREE). See the Events calendar for the two-day retreat, professional presentation, public meeting, two day workshop and visits to Albany, Bunbury, Sorrento, Read More »

The Witness: Inspirational teen to share doll-making passion

August 2013: The Witness (a KwaZulu Natal newspaper) has an article about: Inspirational teen to share doll-making passion teaching underprivileged children. “Where most teenage girls give away their old bought dolls, Lesley Jung (14) has given away hand-crafted dolls that she makes herself from scratch…”