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Classic sewn doll

It works best to make this doll’s body of stretch, knit brown fabric, stuffed to feel firm, but not hard. Click on the heading to see a picture showing the stages of making a doll. You can also look closely at the examples pictured in our Gallery to give you ideas. There are many more Read More »

Minimum-sew dolls’ clothes

To make these Minimum-sew patterns, you only need to know how to start and finish a line of running stitch with strong oversews. Experienced dollmakers may add embroidery, ricrac braid, lace, pieces of felt or appliqué. Download our Minimum-sew dolls’ clothes patterns for a top, skirt, pants and a dress made by adding a skirt to a Read More »

Photo of no-sew skirt

No-sew dolls’ clothes

The success of these no-sew patterns often depends on using knit fabric or fabric which doesn’t fray. This means no need for hems or facings. Click on the heading to view and download our No-sew dolls’ clothes patterns for a circular skirt, no-sew jacket, flip-over top, one-shoulder tie dress and vest with shoulder seams (a tiny amount Read More »

Alusa knitted doll

Alusa Knitted Doll

The Alusa Knitted Doll is mainly knitted in stocking stitch, but you may prefer to highlight knitted-in clothing with garter stitch. Clothes may be knitted separately or indicated with change of colour. Click on the heading to view and download our Alusa Knitted Doll pattern.

Sunbeam knitted doll

This Sunbeam knitted doll is a very quick and simple pattern, suiting beginners and children. It takes one ball of yarn (a little more if knitted in garter stitch). You can knit separate clothing, or use coloured wool to ‘knit in’ the clothing. These dolls are given to small children, so should not have beads or Read More »

Knitted Boy Doll

Knitted Boy Doll

The Uthando Project needs lots of boy dolls. This Knitted Boy Doll is approx. 33cms high. You’ll need brown wool for skin, black wool for hair, and bright colours for knitted-in undies or other clothing. Click on the heading to view and download our Knitted Boy Doll Pattern.  

Crocheted doll

  This cheerful crocheted doll has a very friendly face. You’ll need 8 ply yarn in brown for the skin, plus two contrasting colours. Made on a No 3.50 crochet hook, unless using different ply yarn. Click on the heading to view and download our Crocheted doll pattern.  

TREE dolls: an update!

We’ve learned so much from our visitors, Rachel and Bertha. One hugely important update from Bertha is her explanation of what makes dolls truly valuable for TREE and the children they work with. See our TREE dolls page to find out more.

Retreat with KZN leaders

This is a gathering for dollmakers from around Australia to join with two inspiring KZN leaders, BERTHA MAGOGE, CEO Training and Resources in Early Education, TREE, Durban with network across KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. RACHEL ROZENTALS-THRESHER, CEO, dlalanathi, centred in Pietermaritzburg, working in communities Programme will include: Designing specific dolls Training for presenters Learning about Read More »

The Witness: Inspirational teen to share doll-making passion

August 2013: The Witness (a KwaZulu Natal newspaper) has an article about: Inspirational teen to share doll-making passion teaching underprivileged children. “Where most teenage girls give away their old bought dolls, Lesley Jung (14) has given away hand-crafted dolls that she makes herself from scratch…”