School dollmaking

Who will play with my doll?

Who will play with my doll?

Teachers, thank you for thinking of Uthando Project.

As well as  our general Guidelines and our page on Tools and materials, we have two resources specifically for you:

Uthando Project for Teachers is a hand-drawn, double-sided A3 sheet that you can download and print. This has a doll pattern and lots of tips and ideas.

Teachers’ Workbook Notes is a thirteen-page document with more detailed thoughts on doll making in the classroom.

It is essential that you register your school group’s participation prior to embarking on the project, by contacting our Schools Coordinator, at  Uthando Project is not able to accept donated dolls that do not meet current shipping requirements or the specific needs of our partners.  Our schools coordinators are very happy to talk through any ideas, quantities, deliveries, worries and timing. You’ll find it helps enormously to make a doll yourself first, as you’ll then really understand the process and time involved.

You can find out more about the background to our work, and about the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on all the children in a community, in our Awareness Resources section.

Enjoy your dollmaking!