February 2015 Newsletter

Dear Uthando Dollmakers and Friends,

Are you ready to take on the MAKE A 100 DOLLS IN A DAY Challenge during multicultural Harmony Week, (March 15 – 21) at four venues around Perth? OR would you like to create your own full day of dollmaking with your friends and guests from another culture?

The underlying aim is to make thousands more dolls for the 0 – 4yrs children who come under TREE’s wing. Normally TREE receives 4000 dolls each year, but we learned from Bertha Magoge, Director, at the Retreat last year, that they see 40,000 children in the care of their graduates.

In response to this number, we have designed a new doll, called Simple Doll, which lends itself to a production line system. There has been a truly amazing result from Lynne Fish and Marcia Watson, Sorrento group, of 1100 Simple dolls having been made by them in the past few months. What more can be said?? With this newsletter comes the pattern for Boy and Girl Simple Doll and the list of events where hundreds of dolls could be made. Please copy and give to friends. Especially RSVP with your name and your guest’s name for joining in at least one of these events.

If you don’t live in Perth, please consider arranging your own special dollmaking day at any time. Set your own target, date, venue and go for it. It will make a precious, feel good day.

Uthando can supply material for brown skin and the stuffing. More fabrics if needed, too. Print out the pattern here to make templates.

The Albany Group is already underway in partnership with Soroptimists International with 100 Women, 100 Dolls at the Vancouver Arts Centre.

This 100 DOLLS IN A DAY Challenge is a major event for Uthando 2015 and is specifically for TREE.

Be reassured that all types of Uthando dolls are still needed. Remember NO buttons or beads on dolls for the young ones.

During last term and over the holidays, the most wonderfully creative dolls arrived from many primary and secondary schools to be shipped in April. Enjoy the originality and skills acquired by students.

school doll 5 school doll 4 school doll 2 school doll 1

Strong woman with applique animal

Strong woman with applique animal

Lion man with hippo boy

Lion man with hippo

Bling with style from Primary School student

Bling with style from Primary School student

Furry characters with bright  applique

Furry characters with bright

Portrait of doll on the card

Portrait of doll on the card

Two bearded gentleman

Two bearded gentleman














In the pipeline are an Exhibition of Uthando dolls and African artefacts in July and another Retreat at Serpentine, September 11 – 13. More anon. Express interest? See below.


March 24, venue to be confirmed in Perth, is a screening of a gripping documentary touring Australia titled Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness. Uthando Project is being one of the charity partners. You can watch it online and a portion is given to Uthando. Please contact if you want links, tickets or be a volunteer.

May 2015 be hugely productive for all Uthando dollmakers and a sense of partnership for all our friends,

Love, Georgia Efford, the Board and the Friday team. CONTACT info@nulluthandoproject.org or Georgia 08 9293 2363

To download this newsletter, the 100 Dolls flyer and simple doll pattern , please click here