163 dolls made at Maccabi Junior Carnival Community Day

This sight is sure to gladden any Uthando heart!  On 17th January, we were delighted to be part of the Community Day at the 2014 Maccabi Junior Carnival, held in Perth.  With 163 teenage girls participating, this 5 hour event was something quite different to the format of our usual workshops and school programme!

dolls in air  girls with dolls

 What a day we had!  The hall was abuzz with the girls’ enthusiasm and love, as they each worked diligently to complete their special doll for a child they would never meet.  Colourful fabrics, beads and wool – and the most amazing sock collection – brought the dolls to life and the girls were rightly proud of their marvellous creations.

 The marathon session was very ably led by our wonderful Schools Coordinator, Lynne Tognolini and supported by 7 Uthando ladies – see if you can spot some familiar faces in the fabulous photos on Facebook  (and remember to “Like” our Facebook page while you are there!)