Practical help

Offer your time

Uthando stand at CHOGM meeting in Perth, Nov 2011

Uthando stand at CHOGM meeting in Perth, Nov 2011

What if you don’t knit or sew, but you’d like to help in some way? (Or you are a doll maker who’d like to offer extra help?)

We have wonderful volunteers who help us select and pack dolls, set up events, work on Uthando stalls, assemble doll kits, assist at workshops, make morning tea or lunches, take photographs of dolls, post to Facebook… the list goes on.

Contact a local group to see what help they’d like.

Material donations

We thrive on volunteers’ gifts of materials for dollmaking, including fabrics, stuffing, wool for knitted dolls and hair, plus all kinds of haberdashery, like buttons, lace, ribbons and beads, which we can use to make up our kits. Fabrics need to be bright and easy to sew, with stretch fabrics very much appreciated. (If we receive unsuitable fabric, we donate it on to other charities.) Contact your local group to find out more.